Affiliation with the American Development and Consultants, Inc.

Under Cooperative Agreement with the National Transit Institute(NTI) of Rutgers University, Franklin Covey, Leadership Dynamics, Dr. DiPalma Group

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The APTREX Institute provides a variety of training and educational services, including staff assessment, orientation, training and development.

The Institute operates under several cooperative agreements with training institutions and assessment centers. These include: the National Transit Institute (development opportunities); the Leadership Dynamics Group (orientation, assessment, training and leadership); Franklin Covey (management and leadership training); and the DMT Group, headed by Dr. Eleanor DiPalma (education and development). 

Key Benefits

bulletImproved Employee Morale and Quality of Life
bulletProvide Excellent Services to your Customers
bulletIncrease Productivity, Reliability and Satisfaction
bulletImprove Communications throughout the Company
bulletProvides the National framework for the industry workforce initiatives 
bulletInvesting in the Employees for a Better Future


Our Affiliate Partners In Excellence ( Click their name to reach the website )

American Development and Consultants, Inc.
Atlas Katz Associates, Inc.  (see Publications )
DMT Group - Dr. Eleanor DiPalma
Leadership Dynamics Group
 Leadership Management, Inc

National Transit Institute

TCMI   Tran Cert Marketing, Inc. 
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