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We are proud to express our clients beliefs and motivations concerning the APTREX INSTITUTE professional certification process.  

Listen to what our clients have to say about Certifications!

"The Transit Certification gives public transit employees an opportunity to develop new skill sets and learning opportunities.  Employees taking part in the testing process have a much better understanding of the transit industry, giving them a new insight into their jobs. SamTrans also  realizes that the certification process provides long term benefits for both employer and employee, as a CTFM - Certified First Line Manager." --- Angela Ho, CTFM SamTrans

"It is a distinguished honor to receive certification as a transit professional from the nationally recognized APTREX Institute. The transit based certification process based on experience and education in areas such as business, management, and operations, serves as a benchmark for the organization by establishing a higher degree of excellence in the transit profession. This measure of excellence promotes higher professional standards and achievements for the employee and MARTA, and helps justify the public's trust in our services.  Employees receiving the certification are held in high esteem by the organization and serve as role models for others to follow and emulate.  This certification process has been a valuable experience that I would encourage and recommend for others interested in distinguishing and promoting themselves as professional managers and leaders in transit organizations." --- Kenneth McDonald, CTDM, MARTA - Atlanta

"This has been a great experience and an opportunity to learn, grow and develop my knowledge.  Obviously, being prepared makes a big difference. Once again, thank you and the APTREX Institute for the opportunity to measure-up some industry knowledge.  Hopefully my experiences will persuade other individuals to take active participation in their career development."  --- David Olmeda, CTDM, SamTrans

"The APTREX Institute Certification Program provides a certification program that is absent in the transit industry and allows for the recognition of achievements of individuals in the field. This certification demonstrates the expertise the individual has achieved throughout his/her career and promotes the professional standards and achievements required in the industry. It is also a step of continuous improvements in one's career and substantiates (through the certification process) that the individual is a knowledgeable leader in the transit industry." --Allan Fung, CTDVM, SamTrans

  "I was very excited about hearing the news that I passed.  It was much tougher than I expected, but it was worth it.   This is an excellent opportunity for the Industry to keep good people.  This certification process was very meaningful to me, as it will enable me to keep my skills current and move-up in the transit business." -- Charles Kalb, CTDM, AC Transit   

  "The reason that I pursued the CTDM credential is because it reflects my philosophy of continuous improvement. I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Transit certification program as it establishes a code of professional standards, allows for recognition and fosters continuing development and promotional opportunities for transit professionals. I believe that the Transit Industry will gain stature and credibility with this certification program resulting in the ability to successfully recruit the highest caliber human capital for its needs." --Manuel Herrera, CTDM, RTD-Denver




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