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The applications below may be viewed or printed.  Once complete, it can be emailed or faxed back to us. Both  applications must be completed for Certification processing. 

NOTE: Our new online 'Fill-able Forms" are under design and expected to be completed early in 2003.  

Documents are provided in PDF format  Get the Acrobat Reader Free

All Downloads are Adobe unless specified

Candidate's Application for Certification and Re-Certification  Candidate Certification Application Form PDF

Candidate Certification Application - WORD

Candidate Certification Application Fillable Form (coming)

Candidate Re-Certification Application Form PDF

Candidate Re-Certification Application Form WORD

Candidate's Recommendation for Certification - Form B Recommendation Application Form PDF

Recommendation Application Fill-able Form PDF

Recommendation Application Form - WORD

Transit Certification Literature/Brochure

Brochure PDF


Candidate Handbook and Guide Candidate Handbook and Guide 2006 PDF


Exam Feedback Form Exam Feedback Form PDF


Glossary of Terms  

(associated with the Industry and the APTREX INSTITUTE)

AKA - Atlas Katz Associates, Inc. 

APTREX - American Public Transit Exams Institute

APTA - American Public Transportation Association

ARTIC - Articulated Bus 

CEU - Continuing Educational Units

COVEY - Franklin Covey Company

CTBM - Registered Trademark - Certified Transit Board Member

CTEM - Registered Trademark - Certified Transit Executive Manager

CTDM - Registered Trademark - Certified Transit Department Manager

CTDVM - Registered Trademark - Certified Transit Division Manager

CTSCM - Registered Trademark - Certified Transit Section Manager

CTCCM - Certified Transit Control Center Manager

CTFM - Registered Trademark - Certified Transit First Line Manager

CUTA - Canadian Urban Transit Association

FTA - Federal Transportation Administration

HOV - High-Occupancy Vehicle

IEU - Institute Educational Units

ISO - International Standards Organization

LDG - Leadership Dynamics Group

LMI - Leadership Management Institute

NLRB - National Labor Relations Board

NTI - National Transit Institute

OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration




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