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Common questions about the Certification Process

Do I get a refund if my application is not accepted?  The  $25.00 application fee is non-refundable.   The Certification test fee is refundable – as long as 30-days notice is given to cancel.

Where are the Exams held?  The exams are held either at your place of work, or at a mutually agreed upon location.

Is there an orientation program available?  Yes. APTREX provides orientation classes for a maximum of 20 students.  Orientation sessions are also provided by the partner institutions affiliated with APTREX. Check with our office to get a current listing.  

How long will it take to prepare for the Exam? This depends on the your level of experience and education. Please see our section called Exam Prep and take advantage of the orientation program available.

When will I know if I am Certified after taking the exam? It takes up to 30-days for notification.

What happens if I don’t pass the Exam? You are eligible for a one-time re-examination within 30-days of receipt of your grade. This re-examination will be at a reduced fee (see the fee schedule).

How are Exams developed? The International Transit Certification Review Board (ITCRB) oversees the exam development. The Board consists of educators, transit personnel and administrators.

MUST ONE TAKE THE TEST FOR Re-certification?  No.  Re-certification requires one to demonstrate a minimum of 10 educational units within the three-years the designation is active. One must file an application for re-certification before expiration. 

Will my company be notified of my exam results?  Yes, your company will be notified.

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