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Before Exam
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There are some basic facts to help yourself before taking an exam.   

bulletEnroll in the Orientation course
bulletBecome familiar with the general content
bulletKnow the exam site and arrive early
bulletGet plenty of rest the day before the exam
bulletEat light and reduce sugars the day of the exam

Before taking any exam, one must be familiar with general content of the exam.   First, take the time to review the basic skills test and take the practice test several times.   This will help to remove any level of anxiety that one has before the actual exam day.   Second, read industry news and publications currently in the market.  This will enlighten you with information and keep you abreast of the practices taking place in North America.  

After review of the exam content described in the previous page, take the time to study those areas you may feel unsure about.  Remember, the more one prepares for the exam, the better the chances of success. 


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