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International Transit Certification Review Board


The International Transit Certification Review Board (ITCRB), oversees the process from test development and  design to certification award. They are the accrediting body that ensures complete integrity and confidentiality of the process.

The Board is mandated to oversee the approval of all certifications awarded based upon the certification process.  They include; the application review committee's results and recommendations; and the results of the applicants test scores.

The Board consist of (15) members affiliated with transportation and educational development areas.  Each Board member brings extensive experience and knowledge to the Institute and for the betterment of the transit industry. 

In addition, the board is responsible for design and approval of all new test development.   As clients seek different types of certifications, the APTREX Institute has the expertise to develop specific test and certification processes to meet those needs.  


We invite you to meet the Board:

 David M. Stumpo, CTEM, President/CEO of the APTREX Institute and Board Chair

   Ronald L. Barnes, CTEM, GM Valley Metro - Veolia Transportation

  Gregory E. Cook, Executive Director of Ann Arbor Transportation Authority

  Dr. Eleanor M. DiPalma, President, DMT Group and a University Professor

    Nathaniel P. Ford Sr., CEO of SF Municipal Transportation Authority

  William C. Hultsch, Project Manager

  Michael P. Kushner, President Michael & Associates and University Professor


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                              Dr. Lee Man, Open University of Beijing 

   Rick Simonetta, President/CEO Valley Metro Rail, Inc. 


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                        Paul A. Toliver,  Transportation Business Development 

  Nancy Whelan, President NW Consultants


To contact the ITCRB, please click here.   


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