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Application Process
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The APTREX Institute accredited certification process consist of these four-steps:

Step One - Application Process

bulletApplicant must file an application to request certification, which includes general biographical information, experience, education, training, and skills assessment.
bulletMust include references and (2) Letters of recommendation.
bulletApplication must be notarized.
bulletApplication process may take up to 30-days.

Step Two - Application Review Process

bulletA Job Certification Analysis is conducted on the applicant by the Application Review Committee based on the information contained on the application and recommendation letters.  
bulletA thorough investigation is conducted based on the application content and points calculated to determine eligibility to test.  Each certification type requires a minimum number of base points. 
bulletThe analysis consist of these key elements:  Years of experience, Budgetary/Financial responsibility, Educational background, Training background, People responsibility, and External interaction.    

Step Three - Testing

bulletApplicant is notified of the eligibility to test and given the exam schedule dates.
bulletExams are 100-125 question multiple choice and essay.  The number depends on the certification seeking.
bulletExam points are added along with the base application points from step 2.  This determines if the required number of points are met to qualify for Certification award.

Step Four - Certification Process

bulletApplicant will be notified of the results within 30-days of taking the test.  
bulletPassing grades receive a Certification. This includes; Certificate, Registration in the Who's Who Book and a Letter documenting the  Certification awarded.   Certification designation expires in three-years from the award date, at which time the applicant will be notified of a renewal test to keep their designation active and use of the acronym.
bulletApplicants that fail the test are eligible for a one-time retest within the 30-day notice period at a reduced test rate.  All subsequent retest are at the full rate.   

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