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Professional Certifications for the Transportation Industry

"FTA (the Federal Transit Administration) has made a significant commitment to workforce development and training through the National Transportation Institute and the Transportation Safety Institute....I am pleased that [APTREX] has taken advantage of some of these mechanisms to advance the improvement of the transit industry workforce." - Jenna Dorn, FTA Administrator

4-STEPS TO YOUR SUCCESS.       Similar to the CPA exam for Accountants - the APTREX Certifications are accredited by the ITCRB.   Achieve the credential you deserve.   Send an Application or Call us to schedule your exam today  (360)945-2150.


Step 1 - Choose the Transit Certification you are seeking below:

bulletCTEM          Certified Transit Executive Managersm
bulletCTDM          Certified Transit Department Managersm
bulletCTDVM          Certified Transit Division Managersm 
bulletCTSCM        Certified Transit Section Managersm
bulletCTCCM(sm)    Certified Transit Control Center Managersm
bulletCTFM           Certified Transit First Line Managersm

Step 2a - For Certification - Fill out the two-part Application below:

bulletCandidate Certification Application Form   (Form 1 or 2 ) (Requires ADOBE READER)
bulletRecommendation Application Form           (Form 2 of 2 ) (Requires ADOBE READER)
bulletRecommendation Application Fill-able online Form  (Form 2 of 2 ) (Requires ADOBE READER)

Step 2b - For Re-Certification - Fill out the one-part Application below:

bulletApplication for Re-Certification  (Requires ADOBE READER)

Step 3 - Read the Certification handbook:

bulletCandidate Certification Handbook and Guide  (Requires ADOBE READER)

Step  4 -  Purchase the Study Guide and Educational Games   ** ORDER ONLINE NOW **



Price (USD)

Certification Study Guide

** Clients RECOMMENDED BUY ** 



  $169.00  plus s/h


TranSMART 101 (tm)  Educational Game



$295.00  plus s/h


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The American Public Transit Exams Institute is an Equal Opportunity Institution.  The exams are offered to all eligible persons regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, disability or religion.  



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